Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers great value even at its $17 per month list price, but Target’s current offer for three-month subscriptions makes the service even more enticing. You can get a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $37.49.

This represents a 25% discount off the normal $45 list price. It’s unclear when this promotion ends, so you should scoop it up soon if interested. If you only game on PC, three-month codes for PC Game Pass are on sale for $22.49 (down from $30).

Your unlock code will be sent via email. Target says codes are “usually sent within four hours,” though in our experience it’s often faster than that. It’s worth noting that you can transfer the subscription to a different email account after purchase. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy holiday gift, Game Pass Ultimate is a good option. Even if the person you buy it for already has Game Pass, the subscription will simply replace their monthly payment for three months.

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