If you’ve been looking to expand your movie collection with a selection of classic and contemporary masterpieces, then this sale on films from the Criterion Collection will add some top-notch class to your Blu-ray shelf. At Amazon and Barnes & Noble, films from this collection have been discounted by 50% until July 28. The sale includes a number of award-winning movies from across decades of cinema.

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What makes the Criterion Collection so special? This particular brand of film preservation highlights not only classics and avant-garde movies, but it also extends to Hollywood blockbusters, B-movie horror, and some of the weirder content from bygone eras. Each entry in this library is an exemplary film of its kind according to Criterion, and these editions often include restored film transfers along with commentary tracks and other kinds of supplemental features.

Criterion has been pioneering this approach since the days of LaserDisc, and Criterion has been working closely with filmmakers and scholars to ensure that each film is presented as its maker would want it seen. Not only do you get a great movie to enjoy, but you also gain insight into how these iconic films were developed.

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