Prime Day 2023 has officially come to an end, but there are still a few great gaming deals to check out. Head over to eBay, and you’ll be able to save an extra 20% on refurbished products when using promo code MOREFORSUMMER at checkout until July 16.

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Refurbished items at eBay included either a one- or two-year warranty, and all products are put through a multipoint inspection before getting listed. All of these gadgets are regularly priced well below their “new” alternatives–and now that you can get them with an additional 20% price cut, they’re more enticing than ever.

One of the best price cuts is for the 2020 Apple MacBook Pro, which is now just $1,099 (down from $2,999). That’s a massive price cut, and it doesn’t even include the additional 20% savings you’ll get when using promo code MOREFORSUMMER. Featuring the Apple M1 8-Core processor, 512GB SSD, and a vibrant Retina display, it’s a great way to upgrade your current laptop without breaking the bank.

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