Humble Bundle is best known for its awesome video game bundle deals, but the company publishes games as well, and for the next few weeks, you can grab a collection of high-rated Humble-published indie titles to add to your Steam library.

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The aptly named Awesome Indies From Humble Games bundle comes in three pricing tiers. The starting $5 bundle the strategy RPGs Fae Tactics, old-school console-style RPG Ikenfell, and card-based dungeon crawler Ring of Pain. You also get a coupon code for 25% off the acclaimed survival horror game Signalis.

The $10 tier includes eight games, including all previous items, plus Steam keys for the top-down action adventure Unsighted, rogue-like extraction shooter Void Bastards, 2D action-platformer Flynn: Son of Crimson, and the bullet hell-RPG hybrid Archvale.

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