Destiny 2 isn’t just a great game, but also a fantastic source of stylish merchandise. While you won’t see any exclusive raid jackets on sale during Black Friday, you can pick up some nice baubles–quite literally!–with the range of official Destiny 2 gear that’s available. Several of these pieces have been discounted as well, and if you have a Destiny 2 fan at home, these make for thoughtful gifts to consider. Over at Amazon, you’ll find replica statues, mini-recreations of some of the best Exotic armor in the game, and adorable plushies for sale.

Destiny 2 collectible statues

The gang is all here.
The gang is all here.

These statues have a nice mix of attractive prices, high levels of detail, and size. The most expensive one here, Savathun, is an imposing 11.5 inches tall and features the Witch Queen in all her nefarious glory. It’s full of lovely details like Savathun’s huge Hive wings, a sharp smile, piercing blue eyes, and an acolyte soldier base. Other collectibles here include Ghosts with one of the three Guardian subclass symbols from the annual Guardian Games, fan-favorite characters like Drifter and Eris Morn, and a replica of the standard Ghost shell that accompanies you throughout the game.

  • Savathun, the Witch Queen — $177 ($200)
  • Eris Morn — $59 ($67)
  • Variks The Loyal — $109 ($140)
  • Lord Shaxx — $95 ($120)
  • The Drifter Figure — $56 ($70)
  • Guardian Games Titan Ghost Shell — $39.70 ($50)
  • Guardian Games Hunter Ghost Shell — $45.60 ($50)
  • Guardian Games Warlock Ghost Shell — $63.54
  • The Exo-Stranger Figure — $97
  • Ghost — $23 ($25)

Destiny 2 plushies

It must be protected at all costs.
It must be protected at all costs.

For something more huggable, you can’t go wrong with plushies. These dolls are adorable, and the Hive Worm, Fallen baby, and Servitor plushies are especially good. They’re perfect for when you need an emotional support collectible to squeeze.

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