You can never have too many games in your Steam library, and if you’re looking to add a few new titles to your collection that’ll work on your Steam Deck, then good news because Green Man Gaming has a great sale right now. The On The Go Sale has discounts for dozens of games, all of which are verified to work on the Steam Deck. The sale runs until June 23, so you have two weeks to make your picks. We’ve listed some of the highlights below, but we’d recommend checking out the catalog for yourself–there are too many great deals to list here.

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One of the titles that you can grab at a discount is this year’s surprise hit, Hi-Fi Rush. It’s colorful, charming, and action-packed content that plays like Devil May Cry meets Scott Pilgrim, and if you have a great sense of rhythm, then this game’s combat is going to feel incredibly rewarding. Don’t worry if you’re not the most gifted when it comes to keeping a beat, as the game has plenty of assists that help you have a great time.

Another game that’s all about mastering rhythm is Sifu, although you’ll be using fists instead of guitars as you deliver punishing blows to anyone who gets in the way of your revenge. An elegant brawler with challenging scenarios, Sifu will test your skills to the max, but mastering virtual martial arts in the process can feel incredibly fulfilling. For a change of pace, check out Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Developed by Eidos Interactive, this is a gorgeous cosmic rock opera with terrific teamwork that makes the dream work.

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