If you’re a longtime fan of handheld gaming, you’ll want to check out Amazon’s deal on A Handheld History. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the book has received a new printing for sale at major retailers. A Handheld History released today, October 17, on Amazon, and you can save $10 on the hardcover edition (list price is $40). Simply click the coupon box on the listing to drop the price to $30. Alternatively, you can buy the Kindle version for $22, down from $40.

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A Handheld History was created in collaboration between Retro Dodo and the indie video game journal Lost In Cult. The original project was funded via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2022, but the production team worked with HarperCollins to ensure they can get more copies to readers all over the world.

A Handheld History
A Handheld History

The book covers the entire history of handheld gaming, chronicling important events like the late Gunpei Yokoi’s invention of the Game & Watch and Pokemon’s breakout success on the Game Boy, as well as personal reflections on retro handhelds from numerous writers. Some of the contributors include Alex Olney, Bob Wulff, Brian Crecente, Janet Garcia, Jeff Grubb, Mike Diver, and many others. The essays and articles are also complemented with unique illustrations from numerous artists. It would make a welcome addition to any old-school handheld fan’s bookshelf or coffee table.

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