Sometimes the most enjoyable first-person shooter games are the ones that focus purely on the action in front of you, and Trepang2, published by Team17, looks like it might just be one of those games. Fresh out of the FPS oven, Trepang2 is currently on sale over at Fanatical, and you can snag a Steam code at a 19% discount, which slashes price to just $24.29. Trepang2 already has over 800 Steam user reviews since launching on June 21, and it currently holds an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating.

See at Fanatical

In case you missed the buzz surrounding this game during 2023’s non-stop barrage of GOTY contenders and Non-E3 press conferences, Trepang2 takes place in a heavily guarded blacksite. As an amnesiac ass-kicker who has been broken out of captivity by a mysterious group, you’ll need to use your superhuman combat abilities to escape the facility and fight back against your would-be captors.

The only problem? While special forces operatives are challenging enough, other monsters are also lurking in the shadows and they’re ready to give you a run for your money as you work your way to the top of the food chain. Fortunately, you can slow down time to dodge bullets, use cloaking to become invisible, and knock multiple enemies to the ground with your super-strength. Also, the game is incredibly bloody, so be prepared to punch, kick, and slide through rivers of human crimson.

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