If you’ve been looking to get into virtual reality gaming, the early Black Friday 2023 deal on the Meta Quest 2 is worth checking out. Over at Amazon, you can snag the 128GB Meta Quest 2 for $249 or the 256GB Meta Quest 2 for $299. This deal is up for grabs at most other major retailers as well, including Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. While the headset was recently succeeded by the Meta Quest 3, the Quest 2 is still a great device with impressive performance and a rich library of games and apps.

This means that you can take your VR experience anywhere you want, but if you’re looking to stay at home, there is a handy Guardian Boundary feature that allows you to define a safe space for your VR activities. While the Quest 3 and PlayStation VR2 are more advanced VR headsets, they cost twice the price.

“Playing a VR game without worrying about a cable or external sensors is liberating in a way that makes it significantly easier to lose yourself in an experience for hours–or at least until the battery dies,” Mat Paget wrote in GameSpot’s Quest 2 review. “Of course, there’s also the option to connect the Quest to a PC and enjoy virtual worlds that demand a wired headset. There’s no doubt that the Quest is one of the most exciting gadgets of the past few years, and now it has a successor that improves on it in almost every way.”

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