Arcade August might not be an officially recognized holiday–yet–but you can celebrate a month that we definitely didn’t make up with a new selection of discounted Arcade1Up cabinets on sale at Best Buy. Right now you can save between $100-$250 on these arcade cabinets, each one being a faithful reproduction of the classic machines that gobbled up quarters in the golden age of arcades.

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Arcade1Up Deals

Arcade1Up stands
Arcade1Up stands
  • Pac-Mania Legacy Edition Arcade with riser, and lit marquee — $400 ($500)
  • X-Men Arcade with stool, riser, lit deck, and lit marquee — $500 ($750)
  • Mortal Kombat II countercade with lit marquee — $160 ($230)
  • Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition — $400 ($500)
  • Street Fighter II: Champion Turbo Legacy Edition with riser and lit marquee — $400 ($500)

Like other models in this line, Arcade1Up’s cabinets come with a variety cool features. For the multiplayer games, there’s built-in Wi-Fi for when you team up with another player across the globe, light-up marquees on select models, and even extra games on some of the more classic options available.

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