The current generation of Xbox controllers are some of the best that Microsoft has ever made, thanks to robust build quality, high-quality inputs, and a strong battery life. Several variants exist, and for anyone looking to get something that falls in the sweet spot of affordability and premium construction, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is an excellent controller to consider.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core essentially takes the design of the Elite Series 2 and makes a few cuts to deliver a more affordable price point. It doesn’t ship with any of the extras that come bundled in with the Elite Series 2, but the controllers are functionally the same and provide a supremely comfortable gaming experience.

Xbox Elite Series 2

  • Amazon — $140 ($180)
  • Walmart — $140 ($180)

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core

  • Amazon — $99 ($130)
  • Core Red (Amazon)
  • Core Blue (Amazon)
  • Walmart

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