Universal is marking the 40th anniversary of Brian De Palma’s Scarface by releasing a new edition of its 4K Blu-ray of the problematic classic: a steelbook release that you can only get from Best Buy, which has the market pretty well cornered on those.

Originally landing in theaters way back in 1983, Scarface stars Al Pacino as Cuban drug kingpin Tony Montana. The film chronicles his ascent from poor immigrant to the top of Miami’s criminal underworld–and then his precipitous fall from grace, which culminated in the “Say hello to my little friend” scene for which the movie is most famous.

The R-rated Scarface is lewd, crude, and full of violence, but the big conversation topic on the film in recent years has been that Pacino, who is of Italian descent, is playing a Latino man with a thick Cuban accent–it’s not in the best taste, certainly. One of the bonus featurettes, a half-hour piece called The Scarface Phenomenon, does deal with that issue a bit, at least.

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