A standard Xbox wireless controller is great in its own right, but if you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, then the Scuf Instinct Pro is worth considering. For Prime Day 2023, this high-end controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC has received a $30 discount at Best Buy and you’ll be able to pick either the classy white version of this peripheral or its cool steel gray edition.

Scuf Instinct Pro Xbox controller
Scuf Instinct Pro Xbox controller
  • Scuf Instinct Pro Wireless Performance Controller (Steel Gray) — $200 ($230)
  • Scuf Instinct Pro Wireless Performance Controller (White) — $200 ($230)

Scuf says that its controllers are engineered for better performance and responsiveness, with this claim translating to reaction times that are quicker by precious milliseconds. That’s a big difference-maker in the world of esports, and one that’s made possible by four rear paddles with strategic placement, adjustable hair-trigger setups for quicker actions, and interchangeable thumbsticks to help improve your accuracy.

These controllers also sport a performance grip that can make them easier to hold, just in case you experience a match that leaves you sweating at the 11th hour. Aside from that, this is an Xbox controller with the standard features that you’d expect. It has superb ergonomics, a strong battery life, and a handy Share button for capturing moments of online glory.

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