Sea of Thieves and Monkey Island have finally crossed over, giving fans the pirate collaboration they’ve been dreaming of for a long time. In the first of three Tall Tales to come, The Journey to Melee Island, you’ll dock on the titular island villa for the first time, soak in the local culture, do battle with some ghostly ne’er-do-wells, and, of course, meet Guybrush Threepwood himself. This Tall Tale plays much like a classic Monkey Island game, which means its puzzles and progression can be a bit confusing. Use our guide to work out what to do and all earn all 16 Commendations, 10 Memoir Spots, and two exclusive ship cosmetics along the way.


The mission features 16 Commendations, half of which can be missed if you don’t go out of your way to complete them. We’ve left asterisks next to those you can miss. Use this as a handy out-of-game checklist:

  • Purchase the chef’s uniform
  • Deliver the citizen of Melee’s missing cargo
  • Free Otis
  • Repair the clock and set it to midnight
  • Gain entry to the Governor’s Mansion
  • Complete The Journey to Melee Island
  • Defeat ghost pirates with root beer (10)*
  • Take a seat in the Scumm Bar*
  • Read about Guybrush’s re-election campaign*
  • Hear everything Spiffy has to say (6)*
  • Take Murray on a tour of the town’s key locations*
  • Purchase the Melee Island history book*
  • Take in the view at all Memoir Spots*
  • Legendary Commendation: Complete all other Commendations for The Journey to Melee Island*
  • Cosmetic reward: Legend of Monkey Island figurines
  • Cosmetic reward: Melee by Moonlight painting*

How to complete Sea of Thieves Tall Tale – The Journey to Melee Island

To launch the mission, you’ll want to look for Captain Capsize’s camp at any outpost. She won’t be far from where you’d start the Disney Pirates missions, and if you prefer, you can enter the game so that you spawn directly in front of her (rather than in the nearby tavern) by choosing the Monkey Island option from the main menu. Look beside her for a book that allows you to vote on the voyage like any other Tall Tale and a cinematic will begin in which she and the Pirate Lord tell you to find Guybrush Threepwood. A green portal will then open nearby at sea, so raise anchor and set sail to pass through it.

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