Berserk has stood the test of time, and if you’re looking to add more of that dark fantasy saga to your life, you can’t go wrong with some high-quality collectible merchandise. While we’re still waiting for a full-size replica of Gut’s almighty blade to go on sale–hopefully it wouldn’t require a decade of strength training to pick up–the good news is that preorders for detailed collectible figures are up for grabs at Amazon. Most of these figures release not too long after the Blu-ray release of the 1997 Berserk anime, which you can preorder for $60 at Amazon or $45 at Crunchyroll.

Berserk collectibles

  • Nendoroid Guts figure (Amazon) — $54
  • Nendoroid Guts figure (Crunchyroll) — $54
  • Guts SH Figurarts (Releases May 31) — $130
  • ThreeZero Guts (Releases May 22) — $260
  • ThreeZero Griffith (Releases May 22) — $230
  • Pop-Up Parade Guts Berserker Armor (Available now) — $140 ($180)

Starting off with the cutest figure, Nendoroid’s version of Berserk’s protagonist Guts downsizes the massive warrior into an adorable bundle of scowls and swords. It comes with the Dragon Slayer Greatsword, cannon arm weapons, and other optional parts. You can even swap out the default face-plate and its taciturn expression for two other options. This a fresh run of the figure, just in case you missed out on the first release.

One of these is not like the others.
One of these is not like the others.

For something bigger and more detailed, there’s the SH Figurarts figure of Guts. This one is based on Guts succumbing to his inner demon and becoming enveloped in his dark armor, creating an even deadlier warrior in the process. Like other SH Figuarts collectibles, these combine an impressive amount of detail with an absurd amount of articulation, so you’ll be able to make this figure strike a cool pose easily. It also comes with a lot of extras, as you’ll get weapons, optional heads, optional helms, extra hands, and a cool cape for this collectible.

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