Long before The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Sonic the Hedgehog were cleaning up at the box office, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy were raising the bar for video game movies. Sure, said bar may not have been raised much–or at all in some cases–but at least these films weren’t a repeat of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. If you’ve been looking to add a few of these rough gems to your movie collection, you can grab quite a few of them at a big discount at Amazon.

Final Fantasy Blu-ray deals

  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children — $17 ($31)
  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV — $17 ($31)
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within — $18 ($31)

Resident Evil Blu-ray deals

  • Resident Evil: Death Island — $17.49 ($35)
  • Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness — $18.69 ($31)
  • Resident Evil: Damnation, Degeneration, and Vendetta — $17.54 ($27)

Starting off the list, several Final Fantasy films have been marked down substantially. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was a groundbreaking movie at the time of its release, an astonishing showcase of computer-generated animation that was unlike anything else seen at the time. At its core, the film is also an underrated tale of death and grief, mixed with sci-fi action and a stirring score.

Then there’s Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII that follows Cloud and his crew as they investigate a strange blight that has spread across Midgar. As if an apocalyptic plague wasn’t bad enough, remnants of Sephiroth’s spirit have manifested and are working toward resurrecting the infamous villain by using the extraterrestrial remains of Jenova. Yes, it’s weird, but at least there’s a banger of a showdown near the end capped off by incredible action and guitar solos.

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