The highly-anticipated open-world detective game, Shadows of Doubt, launched in Steam Early Access today, and you can grab a Steam key for just $15 at Fanatical (normally $20). That’s an even better deal than buying directly from Steam , which has the game discounted to $18 for a limited time. Plus, buying at Fanatical includes a 5%-off coupon code you can use on a future order. Fanatical’s 25% off deal for Shadows of Doubt only lasts through May 1, giving you one week to take advantage of the discount.

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Shadows of Doubt is a detective sim focused on stealth and puzzle-solving. Players take on the role of a detective tracking a serial murderer in a sprawling sci-fi city with a retro-future vibe and unique voxel-based art style. The entire world is open for you to explore, including every building, room, and alleyway, and the town is populated with NPCs to chat with and extra side cases to investigate in whatever way you want.

Development studio ColePowered Games expects Shadows of Doubt to be in early access for six months, but the game is already packed with ambitious gameplay systems, and this limited-time discount is the perfect chance to get into the game early and see how it develops.

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