Skull and Bones presents a lot of activities that you can do throughout the course of your journey as a pirate. Still, more opportunities are in store once you reach the late-game stage. That’s when you can turn from a rogue vagabond into a lord of your own trading empire. Here’s our guide on how to unlock the Helm Black Market and Supply Network in Skull and Bones.

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  • Black Market and Helm Empire in Skull and Bones explained
    • Helm Empire Supply Networks and Facilities

Black Market and Helm Empire in Skull and Bones explained

You can unlock the Skull and Bones Helm Empire mechanics as part of a lengthy quest chain. Doing so also leads to new functions, such as the Supply Network, Order Registry, and Black Market wares. Here’s a quick summary:

  • The quest chain begins with a mission called A Covert Initiation. As of the time of this writing, we can’t confirm what exactly triggers it. In our case, though, we received this quest just after we reached Marauder rank.
  • The mission involves checking your mail in Sainte-Anne.
  • You then need to talk to Yanita Nara, the barkeep in Le Pont Muet, which is at the back of the pirate haven area.
  • You should gain access to the Helm, a hidden chamber behind the tavern. This is where you can start certain missions and select various functions (more on these below).
Read the letter in the mail (left), then talk to Yanita (right).

Helm Empire Supply Networks and Facilities

Yanita’s first task for you, Taking the Helm, is somewhat straightforward. Simply interact with the Supply Network map, which shows a particular resource (i.e. sugar cane or poppy) that you need to collect from a liaison. If you’ve already tagged the location as a fast travel point, then you can go there easily. If not, you have to sail to that outpost. Either way, you simply purchase the goods from the liaison NPC.

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