After years of delays, Ubisoft’s pirate-themed open-world action RPG Skull and Bones will finally launch for PC and consoles on February 16. Players can venture into the open waters of the Indian Ocean as their own customized captain and ship in the game’s single-player campaign, or engage in multiplayer modes like Disputed Waters or Loot Hunt.

With the launch date imminent, now’s the time to preorder your copy of Skull and Bones on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC to take advantage of bonuses and exclusive editions. It will also launch on day one for the Ubisoft+ subscription service. There are multiple versions of the game available, including standard, limited, and premium editions on all platforms, and you’ll get a few in-game bonus items and exclusive perks for buying an early copy. Let’s go over all the places where you can buy Skull and Bones, the pricing and content differences between each version, and all the preorder perks to take advantage of.

Skull and Bones Preorder Bonuses

Skull & Bones preorder bonus
Skull & Bones preorder bonus

All Skull and Bones preorders will include the Highness of the High Sea DLC pack, which comes with the Notoriety Garb in-game skin and Coronation Firework ship vanity item. The offer applies to all editions on all consoles. The Skull and Bones preorder content arrives via digital code after the game launches on February 16 and must be redeemed by November 8, 2024.

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