Looking for a Metroidvania to sink your teeth into? Then head over to GOG and check out Alwa’s Awakening. Not only does it offer 400 unique rooms to overcome, but right now GOG is giving the game away for free. However, you’ll have to move quickly–the free giveaway ends tomorrow, March 29, at 6 AM PT / 9AM ET.

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Alwa’s Awakening thrusts you into the boots of Zoe, an otherworldly figure that’s trying to bring peace to the tumultuous land of Alwa. Along the way, you’ll navigate challenging dungeons, meet a cast of quirky characters, and use your magical staff to carve your own path through its 400 rooms.

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The gameplay alone makes Alwa’s Awakening a game worth playing, but it’s the beautiful 8-bit graphics that’ll really pique your nostalgia senses. Everything has a decidedly retro look to it, giving this modern game the appearance of an old NES title. You’ll also be treated to a catchy 8-bit soundtrack with more than 25 tunes.

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