Set photos from the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie have been making their way onto social media, generating excitement among fans. One of the notable leaked images shows Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine wearing the character’s iconic yellow-and-blue costume, marking the first time it has appeared in the cinematic history of the franchise.

Among the leaked set photos, one stands out–a glimpse of the film’s actual set featuring a ruined 20th Century Fox logo, the studio responsible for both Reynolds’ Deadpool movies and Jackman’s X-Men films before Disney’s acquisition. This has led to all sorts of speculation about what the movie’s wild plot might be, ranging from theories suggesting that Deadpool and Wolverine may have been pruned by the TVA and transported to The Void. There’s a more modest theory circulating that Halle Berry’s Storm may make a return.

While the leaked footage offers a glimpse into the anticipated fight sequence, the details surrounding the plot and context remain unknown. The fight heavily features Wolverine, with Deadpool enduring a significant beating. Given the characters’ regenerative abilities, their battles tend to be ongoing.

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