It’s approaching summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, and if you’re looking to keep your snacks and drinks cold on a trip to the beach, you can now do so in style with an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog cooler from Igloo.

The cooler features Green Hill Zone graphics inspired by Sonic’s 16-bit days from the ’90s. This is Igloo’s iconic tent-top Playmate cooler, featuring a push-button on the side and what Igloo calls “thermecool insulation” to keep things cold. The cooler holds up to nine 12-oz cans and is made in America. It retails for $40 USD and is available now on Igloo’s website.

Buy the Sonic cooler
The Sonic cooler is out now for $40
The Sonic cooler is out now for $40

In other news about unexpected but real Sonic stuff that you can buy, there are now official Sonic Crocs and they look amazing.

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