Amazon is hosting a huge pre-Black Friday Nintendo Switch accessories sale that’s chock-full of fantastic deals on controllers, carrying cases, and other peripherals. Most notably, Hori’s excellent Split Pad Pro and Split Pad Compact controllers are on sale for all-time low prices. The Split Pad Compact and Pro are our picks for the best handheld controllers for Nintendo Switch, so you shouldn’t miss out these Black Friday 2023 deals. You can pick up the Split Pad Compact for as low as $31 and the Split Pad Pro for as low as $38–and this particular deal is on the Pokemon-themed Pro that retails for $60.

  • Split Pad Pro deals
    • Pokemon Legends: Arceus — $38 ($60)
    • Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — $53 ($60)
    • Translucent Black – $40 ($50)
  • Split Pad Compact deals
    • Pokemon – Gengar — $43 ($60)
    • Light Gray/Yellow — $32.49 ($50)
    • Apricot Red — $31 ($50)

The back triggers on both controllers are perfectly placed for easy access with your middle fingers–making either model a solid choice for folks seeking a customizable controller with great ergonomics and a convenient design.

You should know these handheld-only controllers lack some features found in the Joy-Con controllers you’d be replacing. For one, it lacks rumble and motion controls. It also doesn’t support NFC or the IR camera. But despite those minor complaints, the Split Pad Pro and Compact are stellar controllers that should fit the bill for almost every Switch owner.

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