A video game based on The Mandalorian isn’t currently in development, but one fan of the hit Star Wars show has created a tantalizing mock-up of what a potential game starring the iconic bounty hunter could look like. Over on Twitter, EA DICE UI technical designer GavMakesGames has shared several screenshot mockups for a dream Mandalorian game. The screenshots focus on Din Djarin, character customization, slick typography, and an eye-catching main menu design that bears a slight resemblance to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

“Back at it again making mock-ups for games that don’t exist,” GavMakesGames tweeted. “Here’s some UX/UI art and design practice I’ve been doing in recent days.”

Alongside a look at Mando in his shiny Beskar armor, there’s also a peek at several alternate armor pieces, a photo mode, and the bounty hunter standing in both a desert and forest environment. One can only hope that he’s on the forest moon of Endor and is preparing to hunt Ewoks, the deadliest species in Star Wars.

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