Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just launched last Friday, and if you didn’t pick it up over the weekend, you’re going to be rewarded for your patience. Amazon is already offering a discount on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Thanks to a coupon on the listing–simply click the checkbox to apply it–you can save $10 on your order. And since Jedi: Survivor is eligible for Prime shipping, you could be playing as early as tomorrow.

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Amazon’s discount applies to the standard edition for Xbox Series X and PS5 as well as the Deluxe edition for Xbox Series X. The deal drops the price of the standard edition to $60 and the Deluxe edition to $80. Unfortunately, the Deluxe edition for PS5 is not included in the promotion.

Unsurprisingly, this is the first discount we’ve seen on Jedi: Survivor physical editions for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Prior to launch, Newegg had digital editions for Xbox for $10 off, but PlayStation users haven’t been able to take advantage of any outright price cuts due to the fact that digital PlayStation games can only be purchased directly from the PlayStation Store.

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