Starfield is getting a suitably special collector’s edition for the launch of Bethesda next, massive role-playing universe, letting you wear a little bit of the game on your wrist while you play. It’s available to preorder now from retailers.

The star of the show with the collector’s edition is the inclusion of a fully-functioning smartwatch, which mimics the exact one your character will receive in game to track a variety of statistics and mission-critical information. The real-world watch might not be as useful, but it will tell you the time and connect to your smartphone to display some notifications and other types of information. It’s not exactly clear if it can track your steps.

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The watch is housed in an equally expensive case, which Bethesda says will feature an intricate locking mechanism in case you need to keep something safe. It comes with a Starfield fabric patch and a NATO strap for the watch, which is quite a nice addition.

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