Starfield takes you on an adventure from one end of the universe to the other. With numerous characters and factions to meet, as well as countless planets to explore, you’re bound to spend hours just taking in the sights and sounds. We’ve got our Starfield guides hub here that discusses various facets and mechanics for the campaign and beyond. Bookmark this page as your one-stop-shop for all things Starfield guides-related, and expect it to grow over the coming days and possibly even weeks. Also be aware that though spoiler guides will later be listed here, they will be clearly marked and segmented, so you’ll not see anything you don’t intend to.

Table of Contents [hide]

  • Beginner’s guide and starter tips
  • Companions and romances

Beginner’s guide and starter tips

These Starfield guides discuss aspects related to character creation, skills, traits, leveling, and basic mechanics.

  • How Long To Beat Starfield
  • Best Backgrounds
  • Best Traits
  • Best Skills To Unlock And Level Up
  • Respec
  • How To Change Your Appearance In Starfield
  • How To Find Your Preorder And Premium Edition Bonuses
  • Make Sure You Do This Mission Early In Starfield
  • How to Make Money Fast
  • Leveling And XP Gains
  • All Fast Travel Methods And Tips
  • Inventory Management, Encumbrance, and Carry Weight
  • Boost Packs And Jetpacks
  • How To Return To Earth
  • How To Get More Digipicks
  • How To Sell Contraband And Stolen Items
  • Console Commands

Companions and romances

These Starfield guides are all about the companions that you’ll meet during your travels. Some are viable as crew members, while others are full-fledged followers with their own backstories, quests, and romance quirks.

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