Space, the final frontier. Most of us will remain with our feet planted on terra firma for the rest of our lives, but we can escape this planet digitally and get a taste of space-bound freedom with this Starfield deal. While you’d normally pay $70 for the new Bethesda Games adventure Starfield, Best Buy is offering the game for $50 and it’s throwing in free ice cream to sweeten the deal.

For ice cream, now and forever.
For ice cream, now and forever.
  • Xbox
  • PC

Available on Xbox Series X|S or PC, this deal is for the Starfield standard edition. For the frozen treat, you’re getting a delicious Halo Astronaut Ice Cream valued at $10. This one has three flavors–chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry–all contained within two mighty chocolate wafers. The marketing says that this ice cream is ready to eat on Earth or in space, but Jeff Bezos isn’t returning our calls for help as we try to verify this claim.

Starfield is a great game, but in a year filled with superhero sequels, bold new takes on established franchises, and hard-rocking rhythm action, it has been overshadowed since its September release. If you’re a fan of previous Bethesda games like Skyrim or Fallout 4, you’ll still find plenty to enjoy in this spacefaring romp as you search the stars and face off against hostile enemies.

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