We’re just weeks away from the launch of Starfield, easily one of the biggest games of the year for Xbox and PC. Ahead of Starfield’s release, retailers are starting to replenish stock on the official Starfield-themed Xbox controller and headset. These have been nearly impossible to find at retail price since hitting shelves in June. if you’re hyped for Starfield, now’s your chance to buy the stylish Starfield controller and wireless headset. We’ll continue to update this roundup with more restocks as they become available, but keep in mind these are likely to sell out again. If interested in either piece of Starfield gear, we’d recommend ordering soon.

Currently, you can buy the Starfield controller at Newegg and Antonline. The Starfield headset is available at Amazon, GameStop, and Antonline.

For those who haven’t ordered a copy of the game, check out our Starfield preorder guide. PC players can save 17% on Steam copies of Starfield at GameSpot sister site Fanatical (and get a free game). Starfield will be available from day one (September 6) on Xbox and PC Game Pass. If you want to become a member, you can buy a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code for $40 at Amazon.

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