The Steam Deck already figured to be one of the most popular pieces of gaming hardware this holiday season, but now Valve is taking a page from Nintendo’s book by releasing a new iteration with a larger OLED screen. The Steam Deck OLED will boast other improvements, too, including a slimmer form factor, enhanced thumbsticks, longer battery life, and more. It will be available to order starting November 16 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before the Steam Deck OLED is available to purchase next week.

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Steam Deck OLED availability and price

Though Valve hasn’t announced exactly when orders will be shipped, the “preorder” date of November 16 is essentially a launch date. Initial orders are expected to ship in the days following release.

The Steam Deck OLED will be available in two different storage capacities: 512GB and 1TB. The 512GB and 1TB models are largely the same, save for two key differences. The 1TB model is fitted with an anti-glare etched glass screen; the 512GB model does not have an anti-glare screen. Additionally, the 1TB model comes with a carrying case with a removable inner shell.

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