Last month, a number of photos were leaked online that appeared to be classified US military documents, including several marked “top secret.” Now, the FBI has arrested a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard in connection to the leak, and the New York Times reports that the suspect’s Steam profile led to a breakthrough in the investigation.

Airman Jack Teixeira is accused of causing what officials call a “major security breach that cannot be allowed to happen again.” The New York Times report states that its investigators found a Steam profile under Airman Teixeira’s name, which was connected to an Instagram profile that had photos of a kitchen countertop that matched the leak documents.

The larger New York Times report casts the suspect as the unofficial leader of a Discord server dedicated to war games and gun culture, which appears to be where the leaks first emerged. Group members say that Airman Teixeira shared descriptions of classified information (and eventually the documents themselves) in an attempt to show younger members of the group what “actual war” was like.

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