In the mood to revisit one of the most defining moments in Street Fighter history? The recently released 4K Blu-ray of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie has just received a nearly 25% discount at Amazon, dropping from $35 to $27. You’ll need to redeem the bonus 10%-off coupon on the page to get the full discount, but that’s something that can be done with a single click. Street Fighter fans should also check out Woot’s deal on the Street Fighter 6 Collector’s Edition–you can snag it for just $70 or $80, depending on your platform of choice.

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This is a 4K UHD version of the film’s original cut, with both the uncensored and PG-13 versions of the film available on the same disc. Overall, the restored footage pops beautifully and there are a lot of extras to check out as well:

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie special features

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie
Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie
  • Newly Restored 4K HDR film transfer, uncensored and uncut
  • Every English audio track, US and UK, restored and remastered
  • Original Japanese version with English subtitles
  • Complete HD restoration of the US PG-13 cut
  • English version opening and closing credits
  • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Japanese game footage
  • Trailers and commercials
  • Isolated score
  • Production art
  • Liner notes

If you’re not ready to relive Chun-Li smashing Vega’s face in during that iconic apartment brawl, there are some other nice Street Fighter specials available. You can liven up your Tuesday–the most important day in the life of a Street Fighter fan–with this snazzy Street Fighter 2 T-shirt. And don’t forget to equip your feet with these official world warrior socks either. They’re available in a wide range of patterns, just in case you wanted to beat Ryu by subjecting him to the smell of your feet.

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