Over the years, Street Fighter has evolved to become one of the most visually distinct fighting games on the market, and if you’re looking to celebrate the franchise with some fine art, then this portfolio of high-energy prints. Available for preorder at Amazon, the Street Fighter: Ultimate Art Portfolio costs $30 and features 20 removable art pieces of your favorite World Warriors. The Ultimate Art Portfolio releases February 27, and thanks to Amazon’s preorder price guarantee, you’ll get the book for the lowest price offered between the time you order and release.

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Street Fighter: Ultimate Art Portfolio
Street Fighter: Ultimate Art Portfolio

That’s plenty of material to cover an entire wall, or if you feel like taking a different route, you can frame each print and create your very own art gallery dedicated to Capcom’s burliest brawlers. Heck, hand out a few framed prints to fighting game friends, as each one could be a great gift. For the artistic talent in this portfolio, you can expect some terrific designs from the likes of Jo Chen, Arnold Tsang, Panzer, and more.

Chen is a seasoned artist who has worked for Capcom in the past, provided “power foil” variant covers of UDON’s Street Fighter comic books, and also did the cover art for the Darkstalkers Tribute collection. Tsang has done plenty of work for UDON on Street Fighter and Panzer is an illustrator based in France who has also produced some killer Street Fighter art over the years.

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