The official Super Mario Bros. Movie toys are available to purchase now at major retailers ahead of the movie’s April 5 release. There are five collectible figures in all featuring the biggest stars from the Mushroom Kingdom: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Bowser. In addition to the figures, there are posable plushies of Mario and Luigi as well as a pair of playsets. The toys are selling out quickly, so grab them while you can.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Toys

  • Mario plush
  • Luigi plush
  • Mario figure
  • Luigi figure
  • Peach figure
  • Bowser figure
  • Toad figure
  • Mushroom Kingdom Castle Playset
  • Movie Van Playset
  • Pack of six figures at Entertainment Earth
  • Pack of 12 mini-figures

At this time at Amazon, several of the figures are “temporarily out of stock,” but you can still get your order in. Once Amazon’s stock is replenished, you’ll receive an expected delivery date. Even though you won’t get them right away, if interested, we’d recommend ordering them as soon as possible. Products at Amazon that are still available to order despite being unavailable have a tendency to switch to entirely unavailable.

You can also purchase all of the figures as well as the plushies purchase all of the figures as well as the plushies purchase all of the figures as well as the plushies at Target. One of the playsets is Princess Peach's Castle, while the other is a van that folds out into a cool little set with Warp Pipes. The castle playset comes with Mario and Peach mini-figures; the van just comes with Mario. If you have a Target store nearby, you might even be able to pick them up today.

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