Apparel based on video games can be hit or miss, but with Uniqlo’s new collection of Super Mario Bros. Movie gear, there’s not a dud to be found. Best of all, its T-Shirt collection is available in both adult and kids sizes–so your whole family can wear matching gear when you roll up to see the movie.

The Super Mario Bros. Plumbing T-Shirt is probably one of the coolest options, as it celebrates Mario’s roots as a plumber. Who doesn’t want a shirt featuring Mario skipping to the bathroom to unclog a toilet? You’ll also find a light and bright Mushroom Kingdom design, or a simple black shirt with The Super Mario Bros. Movie logo on the front.

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Many of the same designs are also available for kids, although you’ll also find an adorable Toad T-Shirt that features the iconic sidekick with his trusty frying pan. But if you’re feeling a bit evil, there’s also a black and yellow Bowser T-Shirt up for grabs.

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