The Super Mario Bros. Movie doesn’t hit theaters until April 5, but tickets are now on sale ahead of its big premiere. And if you’re looking to snag good seats (or seats at all, as the movie is likely to draw quite the crowd), you’ll want to preorder your tickets as soon as possible. You’ll probably want to order from Fandango, as the ticket seller is offering a buy one ticket, get one free deal. When checking out, enter promo code MARIOLUIGI or BOWSER. Both promo codes worked for us, so as long as a theater near you is on Fandango, you should be able to take advantage of this great offer (h/t Wario64)

Buy tickets at Fandango

Ticket prices vary depending on your area, but expect to spend at least $12 per ticket. The RealD 3D version is a bit more expensive than the standard showing–but these might sell out the fastest, as most theaters are offering more showtimes for the standard format.

Regardless of how you plan to view The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it doesn’t hurt to get your tickets today and reserve the best seats in the theater–and to get the buy one, get one free deal, of course.

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