In just a few weeks, Nintendo’s favorite plumber is making his animated debut on the big screen. Nintendo isn’t missing an opportunity to create some terrific merchandise around the film, and while some of the Super Mario Bros. action figures might be a little creepy, this $30 Bowser toy is an instant attention-grabber.

Produced by Jakks Pacific, Bowser looks like he was plucked straight from the movie. Voiced by Tenacious D’s Jack Black–who’s also the voice of the much more cuddly Kung Fu Panda–this Bowser is big, mean, and ready to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Articulation looks fairly decent for this bulky collectible, he has a very colorful paint job that’s true to the video game source material, and he has an impressive height of seven inches.

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The big feature of this Bowser toy is its “fire-breathing” mode, which allows the mighty Mario enemy to vent steam from his mouth. You’ll need three AAA batteries for this feature, and once you fill him up with water, you can press his side spike to make him belch out vapors that are illuminated by an internal LED. Don’t worry, this is not a vaping toy. If you’d prefer to keep Bowser in mint condition, you can also display him inside of his box, which is designed for this purpose.

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