The Flash has faced scrutiny for over a year due to a variety of legal incidents involving star Ezra Miller. The actor was arrested twice in Hawaii on harassment and assault charges, pled guilty to trespassing after being charged with burglary, and has been accused of grooming a minor, among other incidents. The minor in question, now an adult, disputes the grooming allegation. In August 2022, Miller announced they were seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues.” Later, in January, The Flash studio Warner Bros. announced that they were standing behind the actor. You can read more about the issues surrounding Miller here.

The Flash has just run into theaters, and if you’re looking to add that movie to your collection, then you can grab an early preorder right now for it. Over at Best Buy, preorders for the film’s upcoming 4K Blu-ray release are now live, and come in a very eye-catching steelbook case.

“For almost two hours, I really enjoyed The Flash. It’s a fun romp through the past with big Back to the Future Part 2 vibes, not taking itself seriously enough to be obnoxious,” Phil Owen wrote in GameSpot’s The Flash review. “It wasn’t perfect, and it doesn’t earn most of its sappiness, but it was a good time.”

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