SteelSeries headsets are some of the best and most reliable pieces of audio hardware around, and while we’re definitely fans of the Arctis Nova Pro, this Cyber Monday deal on the excellent Arctis 7 is one that you won’t want to miss out on. Normally $180, you can pick up one of these all-rounder headsets for just $135 from Amazon for any of the available models that are designed specifically for a certain system. The good news is that even if the Arctis 7 targets a specific platform for compatibility, you’ll find that it can easily work on other consoles as well.

The Arctis 7 is at the top of several of our gaming headset lists, and for good reason. It’s comfortable to wear for several hours, it has excellent battery life, and the sound quality is close to audiophile-grade. The big draw of this headset is that it has simultaneous Bluetooth audio, allowing you to have multiple audio streams in one headset. Imagine receiving the sounds from your favorite cross-play video game while running a chat group through Discord, and you’ll have a good idea of just how useful this feature is.

Arctis Nova 7X
Arctis Nova 7X
  • Arctis Nova 7X — $135 ($180)
  • Arctis Nova 7P — $135 ($180)
  • Arctis Nova 7 — $135 ($180)

Three variations of this model are on sale, each one specifically focused on a single platform. The good news is that even with that focus, you’re still getting multi-platform functionality from this headset, with the PC and PlayStation versions offering the most compatibility. The Arctis Nova 7X for Xbox consoles will still work wirelessly with other consoles, PC, and mobile devices, but the Nova 7 (PC) and Nova 7P (PlayStation) can’t be used on Xbox. They can still work with other consoles and mobile devices, so you won’t be losing much here when it comes to overall compatibility.

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