Satisfye just announced a new Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-themed version of its Zengrip Pro called the Zengrip Pro Mythic Edition. The Zengrip Pro Mythic Edition launches on June 30, but you can preorder it for just $38.24 (normally $55) at Satisfye’s online store when you use the promo code MYTHIC15 at check out.

Preorder at Satisfye

The Zengrip Pro Mythic Edition is based on the 3rd-gen Zengrip Pro, which happens to be our favorite third-party Switch grip thanks to its comfortable, lightweight design. Like other Zengrip Pros, the Mythic Edition uses Satisfye’s “True Free Float” design–essentially a fancy term for the way the grip securely holds your undocked Switch with rubberized nubs without scratching it or blocking airflow. The grip works with both the standard Switch models and Switch OLED.

The Zengrip Pro Mythic Edition features a green and gold color scheme with unique geometric patterns styled after the Zonai ruins Link encounters in his latest adventure, and would look great paired with the official Tears of the Kingdom-themed Switch OLED with custom Joy-Cons–which is still in stock at Amazon at the time of writing.

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