Back in 2020, one of the coolest pieces of retro gaming history got a fresh lease on life: Nintendo’s Game & Watch. Nintendo started with Super Mario Bros. and followed it up in 2021 with The Legend of Zelda. These limited releases haven’t been manufactured in years at this point, but it’s still possible to stumble on a sealed unit for retail price or less. Over at Walmart, you can snag both editions right now, and either would make for a great nostalgic gift this holiday.

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch is actually available for less than its $50 list price. You can grab the European edition for $40 or the North American edition for $44. The region doesn’t really matter. The only noticeable difference is the rating logo (ESRB or PEGI) on the box. The Zelda edition (US) is available for $49. That’s not really a discount, but it often sells for a bit more than retail price these days.

  • Super Mario Game & Watch (EU) — $40 ($50)
  • Super Mario Game & Watch (US) — $44 ($50)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Game & Watch — $49 ($50)
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Out of the box, these units look pretty similar to the Game & Watch devices that were released over 35 years ago but have a much better and sharper screen (with color!), a rechargeable battery, a proper D-pad, and a digital clock.

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