Sure, we all know the Grinch was planning to steal presents from innocent children on Christmas–but what if the reason weren’t that his heart was too small, but that his bank account balance was? Best Buy has a Black Friday deal on The Grinch Christmas Adventures that should keep the little green ghoul from having to resort to burgling and general deception.

The Grinch Christmas Adventures
The Grinch Christmas Adventures
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The Grinch Christmas Adventures is typically $40, but this early Black Friday deal at Best Buy drops the price down to $25. That’s about three sizes smaller! In the game, you’ll be playing as the titular villain and work your way through Who-ville to steal presents and guarantee that Christmas is ruined. The game’s control scheme is simple, so younger players should have no trouble getting in on the action. It’s a way to pass the time while you wait for the TV special to air this year. This deal applies to all supported consoles, including Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, though the PS5 version is sold out as of this writing.

The Grinch is joined on his misadventure by his dog, Max, who is sporting a fake set of antlers to trick the gullible Who-ville community into thinking he’s a reindeer. Max better be careful, however, lest they mistake him for dinner and turn him into a magnificent roast beast.

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