The Last of Us Part I has received a steep discount for Black Friday 2023, dropping the price of Naughty Dog’s stellar remake for PS5 to only $40. This is the cheapest price since launch, so if you’ve been holding out for a great deal, now’s your chance. In previous big sales events, The Last of Us Part I typically sold for $50. You can take advantage of this $30 discount at Amazon and Best Buy.

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The Last of Us remake for PS5 launched last September. The game features improved visuals, including better lighting and atmospheric events. Players can also expect faster loading times thanks to the PS5’s SSD, as well as haptic feedback from the console’s DualSense controller. The game also supports 3D audio and makes use of the DualSense’s adaptive triggers.

GameSpot’s Last of Us Part 1 review scored the game an 8/10. “While some of the level design may not have aged all that well, the vivid cast of characters and remarkable story are more poignant than ever,” we said in our review.

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