The mClassic is definitely one of the coolest and most practical gaming accessories around right now, especially if you enjoy playing retro games. Created by Marseille, the mClassic is a plug-and-play dongle that upscales the resolution of your games. This is extremely useful for older consoles such as GameCube, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo. It also offers a slight visual upgrade for Nintendo Switch games, which makes it a neat accessory for modern Nintendo games, too.

Right now, the mClassic is on sale for $80 (down from $100) at Amazon ahead of Prime Day Round 2. This Amazon Lightning Deal ends October 7 at 8:10 PM PT / 11:10 PM ET.

As mentioned, it’s also a wonderful accessory for retro gaming on modern TVs. So if you want to play consoles like the GameCube, Super Nintendo, or N64 without a CRT TV, the mClassic is a great option. Retro consoles without HDMI ports can utilize the mClassic by picking up an HDMI adapter (such as this one for classic Nintendo consoles).

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