Possibly the greatest cinematic series devoted to cars, outlandish stunts, and constant references to the importance of family, the Fast & Furious saga is pure comfort junk food that’s always worth a quick binge. If you’re looking for a buffet of dangerous car stunts and Vin Diesel being a family man, then you can grab the almost-complete film series on Blu-ray right now, thanks to this Amazon deal that includes 10 Fast & Furious films for $93 on 4K and Digital, down from $120.

The brand-new collection released earlier this month and includes the recently released Fast X. Alternatively, you can save some cash by opting for the discounted standard Blu-ray set.

See at Amazon (4K Blu-ray)
See at Amazon (Blu-ray)
Fast & Furious 10-Movie Collection
Fast & Furious 10-Movie Collection

This box set also comes with plenty of extras, and you can go behind-the-scenes of each film with featurettes, commentary tracks, and much more. If you’d still like a crisp viewing experience but you don’t have a 4K TV, the boxset is also available in Full HD at the nice price of $69 (normally $90).

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