GameMill Entertainment’s upcoming action game The Walking Dead: Destinies will let fans re-live and rewrite the events of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series when the game launches for all platforms on November 14.

The new game will let players stray from the TV show’s established storyline, and choose where to go, who to team up with, and how to survive the zombie apocalypse–and fans eager to secure their copy can preorder The Walking Dead: Destinies now at select retailers.

The Walking Dead: Destinies is a third-person action game that follows the events of the TV series’ first four seasons, starting from the iconic moment Rick Grimes wakes up in an abandoned hospital to discover the world is now overrun with zombies. From there, players will get to forge their own path through the story, recruiting a team of up to 12 playable characters from the TV series like Shane, Daryl, and Michonne to help your camp fend off the zombie hordes. The open-ended design also extends to the gameplay, where players can choose to sneak and scavenge their way through the game’s many locations or confront the zombie hordes head-on using a variety of weapons.

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