Amid raid leaks and spoilers, Bungie took to Twitter to announce the upcoming raid for Destiny 2: Lightfall will be called The Root of Nightmares–which starts on March 10 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. Players will have 48 hours after its launch to complete the new raid under Contest mode.

Bungie’s official description reads, “Ferried from an unknown time and place, a haunting presence has been detected. We must now confront the ancient threat growing at our doorstep.” The image shows a Fireteam of six Guardians standing inside the Pyramid architecture, but the space is overgrown with strange, pointy flora. It’s unusual to see something so bright and organic inside the Pyramid ship, but the growth of flora was hinted at when the Traveler shoots the Pyramid ship in the Lightfall launch trailer.

Although the developer teased that the new raid deals with an ancient enemy, the title hints that the story might take a deeper look at the paracausal phenomenon of “Nightmares” in Destiny. Players first saw Nightmares on the Moon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep when the Pyramid ship lying beneath the surface had woken. Several seasons later, Season of the Haunted brought back the Nightmares through Emperor Calus’s Leviathan ship, where the Guardian and Eris Morn helped Zavala, Crow, and Caiatl cope with their grief and stop Calus from joining The Witness. Recently, Season of Plunder introduced relics of a powerful being named Nezarec and hinted at this Disciple’s relation to the Lunar Pyramid.

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