It has been an excellent year of remakes and remasters with Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 leading the way, but if there’s one classic game that might have slipped underneath your radar when it arrived a few months ago, it has to be System Shock. In case you missed it, the PC game is now on sale for $32 at Fanatical.

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Developer Nightdive Studio’s love letter to the iconic 1994 game retains its core sci-fi, immersive identity while offering impactful updates for a new generation. If you’re familiar with the original, then your muscle memory will quickly be revived as you explore a space station that has been taken over by a malevolent AI hellbent on turning humanity into unwilling meat puppets. Players must explore and battle through the depths of space in order to stop SHODAN from destroying humanity, but this isn’t an action game in the same vein as Doom Eternal.

Instead, you’ll need to gradually improve your skills, stay out of trouble, and evade detection if you want to stand a chance against SHODAN, as the Citadel space station is crawling with enemies. What makes this remake unique is that it blends very old-school gaming with contemporary visuals for an experience that has a very distinct retro flair about it. Do you like big buttons, chunky textures, and blocky enemies? This version of System Shock has all that and more, but with a new-gen approach that makes everything look new and old all at once. It’s something that you have to see in action for yourself.

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