The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core is one of the best Xbox controllers, though it’s standardly more than twice as expensive as the standard Xbox Wireless Controller. However, right now you’ll find it listed for one of its lowest prices ever at both Target and Walmart, with each retailer slashing the price to just $96 (down from $140).

The Elite Series 2 Core has the same premium build as the regular Elite Series 2, but it doesn’t come with additional accessories like detachable back paddles and alternate D-pads/sticks. That said, you can customize the Elite Series 2 with components that are sold separately. We’d recommend at least adding back paddles to the device (a cheap version is available for just $14, while premium Scuf paddles are $20). You’ll also find entire budget-friendly kits that include paddles, sticks, and D-pads.

After pairing the Elite Series 2 Core with one of the bundles listed below, you’ll essentially have the standard Elite Series 2 experience for $120 or less.

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