The Xbox Series X mini fridge is one of the most notable gaming examples of meme-turned-reality, and you can grab your own from Walmart’s online store for just $35 (normally $79) for a limited time.

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While technically an electrothermic cooler and not a refrigerator, the Xbox Series X replica mini fridge looks almost identical to the real console at a glance and stands at a similar 14.3 inches tall and 7.3-by-7.3 inches wide. The Xbox logo on top even lights up, too. The cooler has enough space to hold up to eight 11-oz beverage cans, plus some extra space on the door’s interior to hold snacks or other items. It comes with a 12-volt power cable that plugs into wall outlets, and you can use the cooler with car or RV outlets if you’re traveling or camping. It will keep your food or beverages about 36 degrees colder than the air around it.

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